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Versus Strength and Conditioning isn’t just a gym. It’s a community. A place where professional athletes, housewives, small business owners, high school athletes, police officers, young professionals and more come together to redefine and rediscover themselves. With a little elbow grease, perseverance and determination ­ our athletes (because that’s what they are) not only set goals, but smash through them.

If you are looking for an air­conditioned facility that will allow you to watch television as you make your way through a workout, we may not be what you are looking for… but we are probably what you need. Don’t settle for mediocre join a community of people that will guide you and cheer you as you smash through milestone after milestone. Don’t believe us? Check out our success stories for evidence.

To us, fitness is a lifestyle. We say things like: accomplished, don’t quit, push, finish, all out, faster, be strong, you can do this and don’t be scared… not because they are fancy words ­but because we believe them. Every athlete, no matter their story, has a place at Versus. Don’t wait any longer… contact us today.

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